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Promoting Cardiac Fitness

By reducing barriers to care, is making cardiac rehab broadly accessible to all patients in need of this critical care. Our certified cardiac exercise specialists design tailored activity to improve mobility, stamina, and balance. Our approach is clinically proven to lower risk and improve health.

New York Location

Now at our heart health center in Manhattan, features in-person exercise sessions and cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) testing. Our sessions are created for both those with cardiopulmonary disease in need of rehabilitation, as well as athletes and professionals who must perform at peak levels.

About CPET

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) provides a direct measurement of functional capacity and anaerobic threshold and can detect early signs of heart problems. This test measures exercise ability and collects data about the heart and lungs to understand the body’s response to exercise.

These results are used to optimize improved treatment plans and medication regimens, as well as develop customized exercise prescription for maximum benefits for people of all levels of fitness.

CPET is the gold standard for exercise stress testing, widely required for a variety of first responders and emergency workers. CPET is non-invasive, uses no radiation and will detect any significant underlying heart or lung issue.

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