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The method is a clinically proven remote patient care and management platform designed to increase recovery and long-term survival rates for patients who’ve had cardiac events, are at risk, or have other conditions requiring rehab. The program is also valuable to start in an in-patient setting where your licensed clinicians can work with to evaluate and formulate the rehab plan and then transition these post-acute patients into the home based program, increasing compliance and long-term benefits. provides patients with tailored exercise plans and personalized programming—and utilizes a simple telehealth platform that’s easy for providers to set up and administer remotely. And it’s accessible to anyone who needs it—from the comfort of home or anywhere.

What are the Benefits?

For patients, it means faster recovery, a better quality of life, fewer medications, and more independence.

For clinicians it means:

  • Reduced cardiac readmission rates to as low as 2%
  • Improved adherence to prescribed therapy
  • The ability to manage patient care more effectively
  • More efficient communication
  • Data-driven, quantifiable results
  • No additional cost to your practice
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Lives Can Be Saved

Statistics show that fewer than 20% of all eligible patients participate in cardiac rehab, and of those who are referred, only 34% actually enroll.*

Barriers to Care

Traditional cardiac rehab programs have an average dropout rate of 24% – 50%.

Research shows most patients DO NOT follow prescribed rehabilitation for a variety of reasons:
  • Facility location
  • Expense
  • Time constraints
  • Immobility
  • Lack of trained staff
  • Job schedule
  • Lack of transportation
  • Mental/emotional health
  • Family care

The Difference is a FDA-listed, HIPAA-compliant, technology-based telehealth program that’s as simple as downloading a smart phone app.

Rehabilitation can now be delivered easily, effectively, and efficiently using technology to increase patient compliance and maximize outcomes.

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How Does it Work? is a simple platform for providers to set up and administer remotely at no cost via our proprietary Provider Dashboard. Our programs include pulmonary rehab, long covid rehab, and more.

Post-Acute Cardiopulmonary Care

The approach is proven to increase compliance in an in-patient setting. We partner with post-acute facilities in order to initiate in-patient cardiac rehab that will seamlessly transition to a home-based outpatient cardiopulmonary rehab program after the post-acute care stay. Licensed clinicians work with the team to formulate a rehab plan tailored for their facility and patient population. By starting the program in an post-acute in-patient setting, patients receive a rehab plan constructed by trained clinicians during the most fragile stages of recovery.These post-acute patients then transition into our virtual cardiopulmonary rehab platform, increasing ongoing compliance and long-term benefits.

Automated Alerts

The automated system measures patient progress for optimal recovery and triggers alerts and reminders, delivered straight to the patient’s phone, when events require immediate attention.

Easy Interface

Our virtual cardiopulmonary rehab system offers on-screen step-by-step guides for patients and providers and easy access to electronic health records and insurance billing.

Pulmonary Rehab and Recovery

Content Library

Providers have access to a video content library of over 10,000 exercises with a variety of routines to help craft customized programs for patients.

Is it Covered by Insurance? is a medically approved program reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance plans. In addition, providers can be reimbursed for the time they spend using the dashboard to monitor their patients. Also, if the patient is part of a medical home effort, time spent monitoring progress can be reimbursed under those provisions.

What Remote Cardiac Rehab
Patients are Saying:

The exercise portion of the program has benefited me the most. I am now able to do rigorous yardwork on consecutive days and experience zero soreness or back pain afterwards. At 87 years old, I feel the healthiest I have felt in years. I've gotten my blood pressure under control, lost weight, and have become much more active. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone.
— Annette R., 87

Like most people with heart issues I found myself lost and drowning in my attempts to find resources to recover. My cardiologist recommended this program and explained the goals and results he had seen firsthand through his patients. I have worked with their dietician and gained knowledge that helped me completely change how I eat and lost 35 pounds. The crown jewel is their fitness program. I am currently working out 3 hours a week and walking 15-20 miles each week. I sincerely believe the program has dramatically changed both my life and more importantly my future.

— Ed P., 60

(My therapist) has been helping me with cardio and Pulmonary rehabilitation for some time. She is very knowledgeable and kind and dedicated to her craft. I can walk better and move better due to her guidance. She also makes me feel better emotionally because she shows interest, and she has empathy. I am always looking forward to our sessions.

— Nicole B.

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