Remote Rehab, Personalized Care


What We Do

RecoveryPlus.health replaces facilities-based rehab programs with state-of-the-art, personalized remote solutions for rehab and prehab (primary prevention) for cardiac, pulmonary and vascular health, long-term COVID, and other medical conditions. The intelligent platform eliminates barriers to critically needed care, empowers patients to accelerate their recovery, and improves long-term survival rates while at home.

RecoveryPlus.health’s remote services include direct telehealth contact with an integrated team of physiologists, MDs, RNs, dieticians, patient care managers, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals, as well as coordination with the prescribing physician to ensure seamless 24/7 support and quality control.

Why We Care

Our mission is personal. The original concept was developed by a surgeon in China as a service for his own parents, who needed at-home rehabilitation when no such program existed.

RecoveryPlus.health was founded with the advanced vision to deliver care and recovery programs to those with the greatest need who are least able to access it. RecoveryPlus.health is now available to anyone who needs remote patient care for a variety of issues.

Who We Are

Team Members

Peter Niemi
CEO and Co-Founder

Peter Niemi helped develop early marketing and digital solutions at national advertising agencies for major pharmaceutical and healthcare clients. He earned his MBA at Columbia Business School and launched RecoveryPlus.health to leverage the growth in telehealth and preventive care, benefitting patients and physicians.

Tim Bilbrey
President and Co-Founder

An experienced manager of inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehab programs for over 15 years, Tim Bilbrey developed an award-winning home-based system proven to reduce costly hospital readmissions in cardiac patients. With an MBA from Texas Tech, he has published and/or co-authored several articles and is well versed in the healthcare ecosystem.

Dr. Zhen Lei
Chairman and Co-Founder

Dr. Lei is a surgeon and a pioneer in home-based cardiac rehab programs. With an MBA from Columbia University and MD from West China Med School, he developed a passion for solving everyday problems related to chronic disease, especially when medical resources are barely available. Dr. Lei formed Recovery Plus when both his parents needed easily accessible and more convenient cardiac rehab therapy.

Jenny Martin
Chief Nursing Officer

Jenny Martin RN, MSN, FNP is an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner with 7 years of nursing experience managing patients with chronic diseases. She has led research for inpatient heart health as well as in the outpatient setting to decrease anxiety with post-cardiac events. Martin has been instrumental in developing a multi-state remote population platform to improve compliance and reduce hospital readmissions.

Ashley Sanfilippo
Vice President of Partnerships

Ashley Sanfilippo, OTR/L, is an advanced clinician occupational therapist with a rich history of experience spanning the entire continuum of care, including skilled nursing, sub-acute rehab, outpatient, inpatient and ICU care specializing in complex medical and oncologic conditions. She is dedicated to delivering patient-centered care, emphasizing the achievement of goals with deep personal significance for each individual. Ashley is passionate about bridging healthcare and fitness for a comprehensive approach to optimizing outcomes.

Benton Bilbrey
Chief Operating Officer

Benton Bilbrey started working as a technician and evolved into performing in-home exercise sessions for patients with a variety of medical conditions. He helped create the company’s early COVID-19 Monitoring and Recovery program, coordinating care for over 150 patients with a 100% recovery rate. Bilbrey currently oversees the care coordination for all patients in the remote Cardiac/Pulmonary/Vascular Rehab and Weight Management programs.

Daniela Lopez
Lead Exercise Physiologist

Daniela Lopez holds a B.S. in Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy and has worked at Baylor Scott and White Heart and Vascular Hospital as well as the Tom Landry Fitness Center for Cardiac Rehab. She is responsible for assessing and monitoring patients in RecoveryPlus.health’s Remote Cardiac Rehab platform.

Victoria Dahan

Victoria Dahan received her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Arkansas and recently obtained a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Texas Christian University (TCU). She has over five years of medical nutrition therapy experience in an outpatient setting including with the Dallas Cowboys and as a team dietitian with TCU’s basketball and football athletes.