Remote Rehab
Pays For Itself


Preventive Programming,
Proactive Care

The approach is proven to reduce risk by focusing on a patient’s primary prevention, or prehab, rather than reactive treatment for a presenting illness. This leads to better health overall and a reduction in adverse events caused by chronic conditions.


66% of 27 million annual ER
visits are avoidable

High Success Rates

Remote rehabilitation and treatments with delivers optimal outcomes for patients and a higher quality of care focused on improved results. Costly readmissions and emergency room visits are dramatically reduced.

Lower Costs

A population that requires less services leads to fewer claims being filed. Payers also see a lower administrative burden due to efficiencies of preventive care.

Using technology to improve compliance, clinical documentation and electronic medical record management increases a physician’s ability to offer more care at a lower cost.

The Road to Recovery

By focusing on individual rehabilitation and preventive treatment, delivers the single most important result: a healthier population. Better quality of life and reduced adverse events benefit everyone. proves that as healthcare quality improves, the total cost decreases.

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What Remote Cardiac Rehab
Patients are Saying:

The exercise portion of the program has benefited me the most. I am now able to do rigorous yardwork on consecutive days and experience zero soreness or back pain afterwards. At 87 years old, I feel the healthiest I have felt in years. I've gotten my blood pressure under control, lost weight, and have become much more active. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone.
— Annette R., 87

Like most people with heart issues I found myself lost and drowning in my attempts to find resources to recover. My cardiologist recommended this program and explained the goals and results he had seen firsthand through his patients. I have worked with their dietician and gained knowledge that helped me completely change how I eat and lost 35 pounds. The crown jewel is their fitness program. I am currently working out 3 hours a week and walking 15-20 miles each week. I sincerely believe the program has dramatically changed both my life and more importantly my future.

— Ed P., 60

(My therapist) has been helping me with cardio and Pulmonary rehabilitation for some time. She is very knowledgeable and kind and dedicated to her craft. I can walk better and move better due to her guidance. She also makes me feel better emotionally because she shows interest, and she has empathy. I am always looking forward to our sessions.

— Nicole B.

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