Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Recovering health.
Restoring confidence.
Reinvigorating life.

Your Journey Toward Recovery Starts Here

Recovering health.
Restoring confidence.
Reinvigorating life.

Your Journey Toward Recovery Starts Here

Outpatient Cardiopulmonary
Rehab and Recovery
Right at Home is a comprehensive remote cardiac rehab platform for anyone with a chronic heart condition, or those at risk.

Through tailored exercise plans and effective care management, patients are empowered to take control of their heart health and wellness wherever they are.

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Changing Habits,
Saving Lives

Remote cardiopulmonary rehab and care through is a life-changing and life-saving service that increases recovery and enhances quality of life.

For healthcare professionals, it maximizes compliance, creates better outcomes, and delivers data-driven, quantifiable results.

Maximize your Cardiopulmonary Practice

Easy to Access,
Easy to Use is a simple telehealth platform for providers to set up and administer remotely, with an easy interface and app from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Just like traditional on-site cardiopulmonary rehab, it’s a medically approved program reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance plans.

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Here’s How Our Remote Cardiac Rehab Solution Works is a simple platform for cardiologists, pulmonarists, and other healthcare professionals to set up and administer remotely at no cost via our proprietary Provider Dashboard. Our programs include pulmonary rehab, long covid rehab, and more.

Post-Acute Cardiopulmonary Care

The approach is proven to increase compliance in an in-patient setting. We partner with post-acute facilities to initiate in-patient cardiac rehab that will seamlessly transition to a home-based outpatient cardiopulmonary rehab program after the post-acute care stay. Licensed clinicians work with the team to formulate a rehab plan tailored to their facility and patient population. By starting the program in a post-acute in-patient setting, patients receive a rehab plan constructed by trained clinicians during the most fragile stages of recovery. These post-acute patients then transition into our virtual cardiopulmonary rehab platform, increasing ongoing compliance and long-term benefits.

Automated Alerts

The automated system measures patient progress for optimal recovery and triggers alerts and reminders, delivered straight to the patient’s phone when events require immediate attention.

Easy Interface

Our virtual cardiopulmonary rehab system offers on-screen step-by-step guides for patients and providers and easy access to electronic health records and insurance billing.

Pulmonary Rehab and Recovery

Content Library

Providers have access to a video content library of over 10,000 exercises with various routines to help craft customized programs for patients.

Proven Outcomes*


Hospital readmission rate vs
30% without it


Compliance rate vs 15-20%
for traditional rehab


Eliminates up to 1M
unnecessary ER visits annually

*Stats based on remote cardiac rehab results