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MHI is pleased to announce a new partnership with RecoveryPlus.health, the first nationally available, personalized remote cardiac rehab platform for patients recovering from a heart condition or surgery, as well as long Covid, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions. The medically certified is accessible on demand and designed to make recovery and cardiopulmonary rehab accessible to those unable to participate at a traditional facility. RecoveryPlus.health offers personal one-on-one guidance by experienced exercise therapists, rehab specialists and other healthcare professionals, adapting a variety of routines to each individual patient.

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We have a “shared mission:”

Both organizations are interested in working with cardiac patients and healthcare professionals to:


One of the best ways to do this is to expand the accessibility of high-quality, medically certified remote cardiac rehab and prehab to help those whose ability to travel is limited.

RecoveryPlus.health is a nationwide telerehab platform designed to effectively replace or complement cardiac PT from the comfort of your home.

That’s why we’re placing advertisements in Heartbeat magazine, to support MH and spread the word about the value of remote cardiac rehab to both patients and doctors.

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